Nicholas Esayian
President and CEO

Nicholas Esayian

Nicholas Esayian is the CEO of Revenue Solutions, LLC, a major full service direct response marketing company, where he is responsible for concept development marketing efforts, and the overall direction of the company. Esayian co-founded Revenue Solutions in 2005 with Ari Wasserman and guided the company to position as an industry leader today. Esayian’s career efforts have led to the sale of over $2,000,000,000 in products sold in the direct response marketplace.  Full profile.


Jay Schirmacher
Technology Officer


Jay Schirmacher is an Engineering Manager, Data Platform and Connected Services at Intuit, Inc. in San Diego, CA.   Jay has worked on projects supporting data distribution across multiple geographical regions; Identity and Access Management Services; AWS Services; mobile and desktop data telemetry; product patch delivery services; social-driven technologies; and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant services. Prior to joining Intuit, Jay held positions associated with highly available and distributed database systems at Mission Manager, Inc., Worldres, Inc., Brickfish, and Ziff Davis Conference and Expositions Company.  Full profile.


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